Stolen BMW M2, where bandits outsmart BMW security systems using relay theft technique

The M2 is a very special M series car, built in low volumes, it’s light weight and extremely nippy !

Never before have we heard of a stolen BMW M2 being successfully recovered. These specialist high performance cars are stolen to order by professional organised criminals.

On the 16 May 2018 Bandits captured the customer keycode whilst he was sleeping and then simply drove off. The standard fit BMW tracker had been removed in minutes as a police officer delivered it back to the owner along with other vehicle contents. This gear was found close to the theft location on the side of the road.

With no GPS signals to track Automatrics attempt to successfully track down the car down using GSM and RF location techniques.

An Automatrics radio signal finder is deployed from Southampton to Solihull Birmingham to meet up with four police pursuit vehicles.

Watch to find if the Automatrics MTrack GPS, GSM and RF theft recovery tracking system and four armed police response units can fight back against organised crime.