BEST way to TINT a Tesla Model 3 with Ceramic Tint (FULL ANALYSIS) | Houston, TX

BACK! In the tint lab today with the GLORIOUS, NOTORIOUS Tesla Model 3!! The proper way to do these cars is by taking the best precautions. Door buttons need to be protected ANYTIME tint is installed on a car so this is why we cover them up with plastic sheetings. Micro-fiber towels are used on the outside of the vehicle in the fender areas where an installer will typically lean on the car while working on the rear window. This protects the car from any tool belts, metal bits, tools from scratching or damaging the car itself. Now installing the film inside: towels & micro-fiber ropes are a MUST. The towels have the purpose of protecting the dash and speakers that may be on the dash. A unique product we use is a micro-fiber rope we wedge in between the glass and the gasket that catches all run-off water from the tint that was squeegeed.
ALL of this precaution plus using our Computer-Cut System software led this install to become one of our proudest jobs. Leave us a comment and enjoy!

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